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Web Access to IBM System i – AS/400 Servers

ThinView is suitable for extending the reach of your applications and data to remote users, customers, suppliers and partners on the Internet. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can transform your static Website into an interactive one publishing and capturing information in a secure manner.


  • No prior programming experience, installation or setup is required.
  • ThinView applet creation wizards hide all the complexities of providing access to your applications from the Internet.
  • ThinView applets are stored on your Web server, all the user needs to do is click on a browser link to see and utilize these applets.

ThinView is also an ideal solution for your networked PCs that are currently connected via products such as IBM Client Access or other Windows based products. Since ThinView is a Java applet and is accessed through your browser, there is no need to install and maintain any software on each client PC. This will result in tremendous cost savings and increased systems reliability.


  • Secure browser access to System i  AS/400 applications and data from virtually anywhere
  • Java-based
  • Integrated 5250 terminal emulation
  • Security & profile manager
  • Connection logging
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